American Funding offers its customer not only the best loan products that are fitted perfectly to their individual situations, but also provides a broad array of value-added services. Our management believes that the company's success has been a result of providing customers access to all essential services related to the residential mortgage transaction, flexible loan structuring alternatives, and a professional working environment that attracts productive loan officers. The following are some of American Funding, Inc.'s strongest attributes:

Training and Technology

American Funding provides highly motivating and detailed training to all employees in every department.

Customer Service -
American Funding has consistently demonstrated that the success of the Company lies with its highly knowledgeable staff that are trained and committed to delivering "world class customer service."

Broad Service Range

By offering mortgage, title, appraisal and lending
services in a "single source" package,
American Funding is able to streamline each transaction allowing for faster and more accurate service.

Well Established Referral Sources and Marketing Campaigns

American Funding has successfully generated an increasing number of loan applications year after year. Management attributes its strong growth to a broad referral base as well as business and marketing campaigns telemarketing, direct mail, Yellow Page advertising, and an interactive web site.

Expansion Opportunities

Management has demonstrated that American Funding's model is both scalable and replicable in new markets.American Funding continues to expand into other state markets to offer additional service areas.