Each of Amerifund Financial’s customers receive personal attention and superior customer service. Amerifund Financial customizes every loan on an individual basis, welcoming all credits and income levels. We constantly add new loan products and lead our industry with an array of options that cannot be found anywhere else! Call or apply online to find out which loan will best fit your needs.

First time home buyers

First time home buying doesn’t have to be stressful! Let Amerifund Financial walking you through the process seamlessly – it’s easier than what you think! We offer programs with lower down payments and that you can qualify for easier. Call us today or apply online to get started

Purchase a home

Your Amerifund Financial loan officer will help you customize the perfect loan option to best meet your needs.

Refinancing your home

As equity grows in your home, refinancing is a great way to pay off debt, remodel or get a better rate.